Providing healthy beauty solutions for professionals and customers:

Our mission is to provide each individual customer with the best possible hair products on the market, tailored to suit each specific hair need. We do this through continual research and development to ensure our products leave you with the healthiest, most beautiful hair and most radiant color.

It is our goal that you love your hair, and that each time you use our products, your hair looks even more phenomenal than before. Satin Hair Color is based in Aloe Vera - which means your hair is being conditioned while you color. With 72 shades to choose from you can find the exact color that fits your personality and style. Our luxury hair color lines Satin & XORA will add vibrant color and incredible shine, without damage, leaving your hair looking absolutely beautiful.

No matter what you've put your hair through in the past, Developlus products like Color Oops, Color Reverse and ColorCare Conditioner, are here to repair that damage and give you a fresh start with your hair.

If you have had to cover gray hair we have several product designed just for you. We have developers specifically designed to cover gray and No Gray can be added to any hair color you currently use to make it more fade resistant and the color last longer.

Our Splat Hair Color line is for people who want to have a little fun with their hair. We love seeing those bright colors and the people who wear them. If you love Pink, Blue and Purple hair - you will love Splat - expressive - shocking - extreme color that lasts!

DEVELOPLUS is a name built in trust:

Developlus was founded in the early 90's and has been making a name for itself in the world of beauty ever since. We were the first to create a developer with less than 1% ammonia and became the pioneers of that technology. What started out almost two decades ago as a small hair color developer company has grown into a multimillion dollar corporation. The company now offers products ranging from color care shampoos and conditioners, to luxury hair dyes, to our highly acclaimed beauty miracle- Color Oops.

Over the last two decades, we have worked closely with the top beauty industry professionals, chemists, and hair colorists to ensure that our products are always at the cutting edge of technology and are at least a few strides ahead of the competition.

All of our hair care products are made in our facility to insure the highest quality, Corona California U.S.A.
Rest assured that we never test our products on animals.
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